A downloadable game

It's you, an axe, and a handful of seeds. That's it. Well, except for the zombies trying to ruin your day of course. How long can you survive? 

Controller recommended for optimal play. To view the control configuration in game, press the CTRL (keyboard) key at any time.

This is an extremely early pre-alpha version of my work-in-progress: Limitstead--a game in which you build up your homestead in order to survive the zombie invasion for as long as possible. Resources are limited, so what you grow is what you get. Right now the game is still a proof of concept. There are only 3 crops you can grow, a limited number of tools to craft, and small area of land to manage. There's plenty of bugs, UI is bare-bones, and save games and audio are nonexistent. Despite those things, I hope this gives you an idea for what I am building. Much more content and polish to come!

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