Update 1.1

  • Made controller/key input on ship designer much smoother. Buttery smooth even.
  • You can now buy your most recently designed ship in the ship designer if you have enough Graps to afford it (press P on keyboard, R3 on gamepad).
  • Reduced the enemy escape radius so when they go to a lower depth (become invulnerable) they will return sooner so you can continue attacking.
  • Gave the sound effect for the player ship lasers a bit more oomph!

I really appreciate the feedback I've been getting on the game so far. I consider all player input when updating the game, so please don't hesitate to let me know if there's a change you'd like to see made to the game. Sometimes I'm not able to make the changes, but I do take all feedback seriously. So thank you. And if you've been enjoying the game, please consider leaving a quick review on the store page--it helps out immensely.

- Matthew Milson
Puddledock Games

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