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You have 5 lives. There's 5 guns and limited resources. You can only carry 1 gun and 1 type of potion at a time. Potions are gone forever when consumed, so be sure to portion out your supply carefully. Destroy all the mob spawners and enemies to win.

When you lose a life, you will be presented with one or more choices. For instance, you can choose to retain the gun and unused items on your person...but you'll have to spend an extra life for it. Or you can choose to gain a life back by reviving a mob spawner...but it will come back at a much higher level. Sacrifices must be made....mwuhahahahahahahaah!!!!!!

This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43. There is no audio and no particle effects. Sorry, ran out of time!


gamepad controls
lstick - move 
a button - fire weapon
b button - use slot item
x button - pick up loadout weapon
lb/rb - toggle loadout items

pc controls
wasd - move
space - fire weapon
e - use slot item
enter - pick up loadout weapon
arrows - toggle loadout items


Choice Loadout.zip 2 MB

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