v0.9.0 (The Boss Update)

It's update time!!!

So I missed putting out a February update, but only because I wound up getting more work done than I expected, and there were some final things I wanted to get in to make the game feel more complete rather than rushing out a build for no reason.

The goal for February was to add another boss fight into the game. Well, it turned out I was able to get 2 boss fights in - the slime and ice biome bosses! At that point, I felt it was worth taking the extra time to get them both fully ready for a single update. I also went ahead and moved the Oh-Fy-Fy boss fight into the fire biome instead of being at the center of the overworld map.  So now all biomes except the grass biome have a boss. I'm not sure if I'll add one or not for the grass biome since I've been treating that as an easier starter area. But we'll see!

Each boss has their own unique way of attacking to try and force the player to apply different methods of approaching the battles. I will likely still be tweaking them a bit, but they are in a good enough state that I can start getting feedback on them.

I also wanted to have enemy spawners on the overworld for a while now. Having the bosses in the game allowed me to tie the spawners to each biome's boss status. Meaning, you can't destroy the spawners on the overworld until you defeat that biome's boss. So it's a bit of reward for defeating the boss, and a way to make the overworld map a bit easier as you progress. There will still be enemies that spawn on the overworld as there always have been, but destroying the spawners will greatly reduce how many can possibly be active at the same time.

There are also some minor gameplay tweaks, and bug fixes included in this update. A nice quality of life change I made is now the full screen inventory UI will show you what type of buff you have active on an item, in addition to the icon that was already there. This helps me be a bit clearer with buffs behaving differently based on the item type. For instance, a fire buff on a hat behaves differently from a fire buff on a tunic.

There's a lot of changes in this update, so be sure to delete your existing save files before playing this build. As always, if you run into any bugs please don't hesitate to reach out on Discord.


  • Added ice biome boss fight.
  • Added the slime biome boss fight.
  • Moved fire dungeon to the fire biome and updated the interior a bit to be more thematic.
  • Slowed down enemy projectile speed. This actually makes it more fun!
  • Made it so warping enemies don't fire their projectile until after they have finished warping.
  • Made it so if the player is frozen, swinging a weapon will only damage the ice block, and nothing else (i.e. nearby enemies).
  • Made it so if the player is ice poisoned, they can't be frozen on ice.
  • Fixed a bug where lifeforms that should drop multiple items of loot were only dropping 1.
  • Fixed a bug where player would not take debuff damage if they were holding a wearable item that had the buff immunity applied to it (i.e. holding a hat with fire resistance would prevent fire damage despite not wearing it).
  • Made it so a tunic with ice/fire/slime buff resistance will prevent the player from taking any damage or getting poisoned, whereas a hat with a buff applied will still result in the player taking the initial damage, but no further "poison" damage afterward.
  • Made it so the player can remove wearable items from the full inventory UI - just press the "use item" button and if the item is already being worn, it will remove it.
  • Fixed a bug where if the player was wearing a tunic and dropped it from the full inventory UI screen the player would continue to wear the tunic and a copy would be created for them to collect.
  • Player buffs/debuffs are now saved so the player can't get a debuff applied to them and quickly save/load the game to get rid of it (I know your tricks!).
  • Updated full inventory UI to display text explaining what the current buff applied to the item will do in addition to the buff icon.
  • Added mob spawners to the overworld. Note: they cannot be destroyed until the biome's boss has been defeated.

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