Aaaaaaaand we're back!

This update introduces some more tuning around combat to make it more compelling. The big new change is around the enhancement system. Thanks to some great design discussions with super tester koloxlo we now have it so enhancement slots unlock at certain levels, making it so poor, good, and great quality items will increasingly have more enhancement slots to plug into (up to 3 slots). This forces the player to invest in their items by plugging more and more level stones to now not only increase their power, but also increase their potential with enhancement slots. 

You'll want to delete your save files before playing this new version. You can delete them via the Settings menu.

If you run into any bugs, please don't hesitate to reach out on Discord.


  • Made it so enemies with shields will not get knocked back when hit by player, giving them a better chance to attack.
  • Made it so player can't craft the shield item -- enemies only item now.
  • Fixed it so light ball in mig puzzle pauses when the game is paused.
  • Made it so player body flashes red when hit by enemies.
  • Increased screen-shake slightly when player is hit by enemies.
  • Increased number of enemies spawned in easy and medium difficult mines.
  • Made second starter area mine medium difficulty and allow shooting enemies to spawn inside it.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when checking for enhancements on enemies that have no held items.
  • Made it so the color of the mig fusion meter goes from green->yellow->red based on time remaining.
  • Made it so projectiles fired by totem enemies in mines have a buff effect applied to them based on the biome.
  • Increased inventory slot cap to 128 items per slot, which makes it 256 per reserve inventory slot.
  • Fixed a bug where the user accessing the inventory right before entering a new area (mine, dungeon, etc.) the game would fail to transition to the new area.
  • Made it so all enemies on overworld are saved so the player can't repeatedly load the game until the enemy spawns with a weapon the player wants.
  • Made it so we now save spawned enemies in mines to avoid allowing the player to clear the mine of enemies by saving and loading.
  • Made it so medium and large size mines will regenerate if they are found to only have 1 dungeon room inside them.
  • Made it so wood pickaxes and wood swords cannot have enhancements applied to them.
  • Added a third enhancement slot for inventory items.
  • Made it so enhancement slots are unlocked at specific item levels and are displayed as locked/unlocked for items that are allowed to have enhancements.
  • Slightly reduced a.o.e. size for melee weapons with the a.o.e. enhancement applied.

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