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v0.7.3 (Hotfix)
The main purpose of this update is to fix a crash that was occurring when the player attacked an enemy that was holding a shield. As a bonus there are some pret...
Aaaaaaaand we're back! This update introduces some more tuning around combat to make it more compelling. The big new change is around the enhancement system. Th...
v0.7.1 (Hotfix)
We got bugs y'all! Hug thanks to super tester koloxlo for uncovering some bugs around the enemy item inventory system! The biggest issue was a crash that occur...
Update 0.7 (the Combat update)
As you can probably tell from the title, the main focus of this update was on improving the feel of combat. The two big changes for this were the addition of it...
Update 0.6 (the Artifact update)
This update has been a long time coming, but I wanted to cram as many changes into it as possible before releasing it. The biggest change is the addition of Art...
Update 0.5 (the koloxlo update)
At long last, we have an updated Astrominer build! I'm calling this one "the koloxlo update" because basically every bug that was fixed in this update was found...
Update 0.4
Moar fixes!!!! A big shout out to everyone who has reported bugs and suggestions to me in the Puddledock discord and via Twitter . I recommend deleting your cu...
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Update 0.3
Update 0.3 is for more minor tweaks and bug fixes spotted by players. I want to thank everyone who has provided feedback thus far and is helping shape this game...
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