Update 0.2

Oh man, the first update for lvlDown is pretty big. I wasn't planning on cramming so much into it, but once I implemented potions I realized there are several other game mechanics that should revolve around them, and it just made sense to do it all at once. So the big additions are: potions, traps, and bombs. Bombs were planned for next week, but I went ahead and knocked them out yesterday. 

Most updates will not be this large. I plan on trying to do regular updates--maybe once a week?--with a focus on adding one or two new items, and then fixing any bugs that came up the week before. Feel free to reach out in the Community section or on the Puddledock Discord if you have any bugs or feature suggestions. 

Here's the full list of updates:

  • Updated world gen to eliminate "islands" from spawning. Should be no chance (or at least much much lower chance) of an unreachable tile being placed.
  • Made it so brick tiles can be dug and contain collectibles.
  • You can now choose to recycle a crafted item to get it's base components back.

  • You can now see how many graps you will get when exchanging artifacts for them.
  • Removed ability to access inventory while the world is generating.
  • Removed the ability to drop any item from the inventory. This was to remove confusion. Only objects that can be placed in the world  (like torches or world gen seeds) can be dropped with Right Mouse Click.
  • Fixed text overlapping when you collect multiple resources at once. Messages are now queued and fired off at intervals.
  • Made it so SHIFT now accesses the detailed lifeform information. Middle mouse button still does this too, but wanted to support anyone playing on laptop without a mouse.
  • Added new follower: resource magnet. with this follower in your party you will be able to collect resources that land on adjacent tiles, reducing the need to take extra steps that put enemies closer to spawning.
  • Player projectiles are now fired based on clicking on a lifeform in the world rather than clicking on a tile adjacent to the player in the desired direction. Projectiles can still only be fired in cardinal directions.
  • Player projectiles no longer hurt followers in the projectile's path.
  • Added fire, ice, and poison potions which grant a double damage bonus against lifeforms that don't have the same effect applied to them. For instance, a stinkder that causes fire damage will take ice and poison damage from the player, but would not take fire damage. Potions only last for the duration of 5 steps.
  • Changed health potion so it is now an active effect same as fire, ice, and poison. This means when you attack an enemy with the health steal effect active, any damage caused to the enemy will be added to the player's health. This is the only way to heal in the game.
  • Made it so the player starts with 1 of each potion type in their inventory by default. I may change this later, but for now since the system is new I think it will allow players to learn how it works quicker and with less risk. Technically you could just recycle them to get some fast graps if you wanted to ;)
  • Traps have been added. When a trap is placed, it is based on the active effect the player has (ice, fire, poison, healing). Which means the trap will do bonus damage to enemies that don't have a resistance to the effect type. If the user has no effect active, a basic trap is placed and it does no bonus damage. Note: the user can get damaged by their own traps, so plan your movements accordingly. You can destroy your traps with your hammer if you really need to move onto the tile.

  • Added bombs - they detonate after 3 steps and damage all lifeforms in any tile touching the tile that the bomb is on (including diagonals). Like the traps, the bomb type you place is based on your active effect.
  • Got the basis of a particle system set up. right now only traps and bombs spawn particles when they disappear/detonate.

So that's it for now. Next I'm working on adding in a new enemy type. I'm thinking a flying creature of some sort--but we'll see what the pixels give us. 

Enjoy the update!

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