Update 0.3

It's update time!

This week's update brings a whole slew of new enemies for you to bash with your hammer. We've also added some new tiles for world generation. Both things help to increase the difficulty of the game yet again. You'll even notice there is now an extra level to traverse before reaching the big baddie at the very bottom.

Unfortunately due to new inventory items being added and shuffled around, save files for games currently in progress won't work. I mean...they should still load, but your inventory will be all donked up. This will be the case for most updates, but it's just an opportunity to start fresh and put your knowledge of the game to the test!

So here's the breakdown on the changes:

  • New enemy: Thumper - specializes in fire damage.

  • New enemy: Sleyem - specializes in poison damage.

  •  New enemy: Eyecer - flying enemy, can attack while over water. Specializes in ice damage.

  • Added different kinds of brick tiles  for level variation. They can contain collectibles for you to dig up.
  • New tile type: Lava. Very dangerous. Player and enemies take damage each step they take in lava. Enemies with the fire effect are immune to it's damage. Taking the fire potion will make you immune as well.

  • Added a world gen seed for lava - which means you can use it like a trap that doesn't go away after X number of  steps.
  • Updated the Plot Swapper tool so when you swap two tiles, the player moves to where the tile they were originally standing on moved to. This counts as a step. This makes it possible to swap your way across a pool of lava without getting injured. 
  • Made damage and effect text much more readable.
  • Added a SECRET!!!! Here's a hint: it's possible to get invincibility in the game, but it's not via a specific item you can collect or find in the world. Mystery!

Each of the new enemies deal different amounts of damage, so remember that you can Middle Mouse Click or hover the mouse over an enemy and press SHIFT to view detailed information on any life-form in the world.

We'd love to hear what you think of the game--the good and the bad. Is it too difficult? Too easy? We're constantly tuning the game and trying to balance as new enemies are introduced. So let us know what you think on the Puddledock Discord or in the Community Forum below.

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