Update 0.4

Lots of updates from this past week! As always, we'd love to hear what you think of the changes, and the game in general--the good and the bad. Feel free to join the Puddledock Discord or leave your feedback in the Community Forum below.

Now, on to the updates:

  • Ice tiles - you will slide on ice until you land on a non-ice tile, or encounter a tile with a world objects on it. Enemies slide too.

  • Mud tiles - stepping on a mud tile counts as taking 2 steps, so be wary! Enemies that step on a mud tile will lose their next movement.

  • Added world gen seeds for ice/mud: you can grow these tiles anywhere and use them against the enemy.
  • Rare item drop: Boots. Find 2 boots and equip them to get 10 free steps. These have a low percentage of dropping when digging tiles.

  • Added saving/loading the player's current active effect, and any amount of free steps remaining from the boots.
  • Added post-game stats to show how you did (win or lose).

  • Updated world proc-gen rules so now for the middle three levels it will choose from pre-defined chunks so you will experience different level types, layouts, and enemies each time you start a new run. 
  • Updated main menu visuals. still a work in progress (still needs a logo for the title).

  • Made it so enemies can't move onto tiles that have trees/rocks on them to test how it feels. I don't want there to be special rules for the player that don't apply to enemies in the game, and since the player can't step onto those tiles, I feel like it might be unfair to allow enemies to do it. This may get reverted if it's not fun, but we'll see. It just means it's even more important to think about how you move through the level and clear obstructions.
  •  Boss now chooses a random modifier so he's not the same between runs. Only poison, fire, and ice are chosen from since I don't want the boss to self-heal. 
  • Added a new follower type that makes your bombs cause twice as much damage.
  • Made it so the effects assigned to followers spawned in the world won't repeat until all of the possible effect types have already been used up. 
  • Added cloud shadows on the surface level!

  • Collectibles scatter less when dug up from tiles or spawned from world objects/enemies.
  • Fixed lots of bugs
  • Added 2 more seeeeeecrets!!!!!!

That's it for this update. I'm thinking this coming week will mostly be focused on gameplay tuning and adding in sound effects (finally). Thanks for reading!


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Jul 16, 2018

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