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Reach the deepest level of the world and defeat the final boss. · By puddledockgames


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Update 0.5
Not much to write this week. Last week was spent mainly just adding sound effects into the game. I also added some new particle effects for when the enemies are...
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Update 0.4
Lots of updates from this past week! As always, we'd love to hear what you think of the changes, and the game in general--the good and the bad. Feel free to joi...
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Update 0.3
It's update time! This week's update brings a whole slew of new enemies for you to bash with your hammer. We've also added some new tiles for world generation...
Update 0.2
Oh man, the first update for lvlDown is pretty big. I wasn't planning on cramming so much into it, but once I implemented potions I realized there are several o...
Getting Started Video
Hey all! I created a video on getting started in lvlDown since I know it's not quite obvious what to do right out of the gate. The video just gives a basic over...
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